Rawmantic Chocolate can be easily ordered online or by phone, and shipped within US. Shipping charges are as following:

  • Fedex Ground - $20
  • Messenger Same Day Service (NYC area only) - $30
  • FedEx Second-day - $37
  • FedEx Overnight - $75
  • East Coast Fedex Ground - $20 
  • East Coast USPS Priority Mail -  $25
  • East Coast Fedex 2nd Day - $30
  • East Coast USPS Express Mail - $70
    West Coast  FEDEX Ground -  $25
  • USPS Priority Mail - $29
  • Fedex Second Day - $40
  • Express overnight - $75 


            Fedex Economy - $35
            Fedex Priority  - $45
We ship anywhere, any time; locally and internationally. During the summer months, orders are packed in insulated containers with extra ice bricks. 

Note: All chocolates are made fresh daily. We don't keep extra stock, but prepare each order as they come on a daily basis. To ensure the highest quality we don't use any preservatives, nor anything that its artificial or treated. As our production facility and #Rawmantic team grows please allow 3-5 business days for your order completion.  The bars shelve life is about 5 months, and they are best if refrigerated or kept in a cool dry place. 

For international orders, please call us at 212-247-2229 or email us for a quote at